Game Mechanism: I Cut, You Choose

One player divides a set of resources into different groups. Other players have first choice of which group to select.

This mechanism can also be used to divide more abstract resources, like turn order. Many games use the so-called pie rule or swap rule to minimize first player advantage, e.g. Hex. In this game, the first player makes the first move of the game, and then the second player can choose to switch sides (taking over the first players color as well as that first move), or to let the first player stay with that color and first move, and the second player then makes their first move in response to the first players move. After that, turns continue as usual.


Sundae Split

imgIn Sundae Split, players try to build the best ice cream sundae from the ingredients at hand. Get just the right mix of toppings and flavors, but avoid the vegetables! At the end, each sundae is scored and the player who made the best sundae wins the game.

In more detail, one player splits ingred....

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